Tulum is a tourist destination famous for its beaches, archaeological sites and its wide variety of things to do when vacationing in this gorgeous piece of paradise. But it is also popular amongst travelers for being a divers paradise. Few places in the world offer so many diving spots such as Tulum and the Riviera Maya; read on to learn more about one of the best diving places in the world. 

The Great Mayan Reef or also called the Mesoamerican Reef System is one of the diving meccas in the world. Scuba diving professionals and aficionados, come year after year to amaze themselves with its marine biodiversity. The Mayan Reef is home for more than 65 types of stony corals and thousands of marine species such as barracudas, sea turtles, rays, moray eels, octopus and a wide variety of colorful fish.


In the Playa del Carmen coastline pretty close to Tulum, it is possible to dive with Bullsharks. Yeah, you read, right! This fascinating and uncomprehended creature comes every year between November and February to give birth to their “little baby sharks,” which will later grow up to 15 feet long. Diving amongst these fascinating creatures is something that any diving fan must try at least once. There are also a few sunken ships where new coral life has emerged and where you’ll love exploring the aquatic realm.

But if you seek for a totally unique diving experience, there’s no better place than Tulum, as it is home for some of the most impressive cenotes, which are natural sinkholes of crystal clear water and beautiful rock formations, and can be found only in the Yucatan Peninsula. These incredible wells that look like natural pools were once considered sacred by the Mayans, as they thought cenotes were the entrance to the underworld. These paradisiac diving spots cannot be found anywhere else, so you don’t wanna miss the opportunity of diving in a cenote at least once. Diving in cenotes in Tulum is more complicated than doing it at sea since the density of the water is different, and it is harder to maintain the buoyancy, so it represents a challenging activity even for the most experienced Open water divers.
Also, Tulum has the most extensive underwater cave system on the world, where the most experienced divers put their skills to the test.

As you can see, diving in Tulum is one of the top activities that you must try when visiting, even if you ’haven’t try it before. ’There’s a wide variety of diving centers in Tulum, most of them, offer lots of diving tours, if you need help finding the one that suits you best, let us know! We can help you find it!