The current health emergency caused by the coronavirus has forever changed the world as we know it. Our business practices, how we communicate, and how we interact as humans; Everything has to change if we want to look forward to the future of society.

At Pocna Beach Hotel Tulum, we see this situation as a chance we’ve all been given to be better and to get in touch with our humanity. Our commitment to nature and with the Tulum community is permanent, and we will always be looking for the best ways to give back. This time, in collaboration with our friends at “ProTG,” a non-profit starter, we have found a new opportunity to help.


“ProTG” is a project created and coordinated by a group of young students from Mexico; It consists of the design and manufacture of reusable medical scrubs. The fabric of these scrubs and hoods is washable, waterproof, sterile, effective against particle penetration, making them capable of being reused for up to 50 times. During the COVID-19 emergency outbreak, these young entrepreneurs have successfully delivered more than 300 scrubs to various hospitals in Mexico City.

Pocna and ProTG will donate 25 scrubs, to the staff at the Tulum Hospital and other clinical facilities along the area, to help them continue with the enormous task of caring for COVID-19 patients and other clinical diseases.

We are very proud to see the seed of solidarity grow in our youth and the community, supporting the main actors in this battle: our doctors and medical personnel, the true world heroes.
There are many ways to help, and we hope to get other people inspired. All you need is a bit of initiative.

Many thanks to ProTG for their great work and for allowing us to be part of this enormous effort. If you are interested in participating in the project or helping in any other way, you can contact them through Instagram @pro__tg or donate at this link

Pocna Beach Hotel Tulum