What about freshly baked bread, local fruits, and perfectly cooked benedict eggs for breakfast while watching the fantastic Tulum sunrise? 


Once you arrive at Poc Na Hotel Tulum, you’ll never want to leave, and you won’t have to! Everything that you may need is available, here and if good food is your crave, we got you covered! Poc Na is home for two of the best restaurants around. Those in search of the real, local taste may please their senses at “Ramón,” an authentic Mexican food restaurant on the beach. The delicious menu will make you say: “Qué sabroso!” 

exotic cuisine experience

For those in search of a more exotic cuisine experience, Kogure Japanese Kitchen Restaurant welcomes travelers with a fresh and delicious menu designed by our resident chef Yusuke Kogure, one of the top international chefs in Mexico, who is in charge our incredible restaurant. Watching Yusuke act his art on our exquisite cuisine is something you need to witness. Come and feel the unique sensation of savoring great food on a beautiful beach.


The perfect combination “Taste of the sea”

The Caribbean Sea is a source of inspiration and invitation to life. And how could it be otherwise, is present and is protagonist in our restaurant for the gastronomic offer, full of authentic and delicious recipes based on fresh and natural products. At any time of the day, tomorrow, noon or night, we offer our customers this perfect combination.
Yusuke Kogure

Yusuke Kogure



Delight for the palate!

Try the most delicious ceviches you’ve ever tasted, delight yourself with an exquisite delicacy.