Berna Restaurant


“A perfect location surrounded by palm trees facing the beautiful Caribbean Sea, offering the best food and great atmosphere” It seems like everyone in Tulum promises the same to visitors, and some of them are killing it! Still, they are all offering the same.

Berna Tulum welcomes those who seek to feel and savor the authentic essence of a Caribbean paradise. Happy, festive, and sensual Latin sounds provide a unique ambiance, where you’ll get to enjoy the freshest fruits of the sea, surprising mixology, and a generous wines selection.

Berna is different from any other place in Tulum because of its authentically Caribbean atmosphere; Berna delights its guests with fantastic food and indulges them in rhythms that celebrate life, nature, and love. Berna is the newest beach restaurant in Tulum for those looking for a place different from everything else. Blues, cha cha cha, salsa, and any music that fills the soul and compels the body to dance, synchronize with the turquoise sea breeze, making you want to stay.

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