healthy measures

The world, as we knew it has forever changed. The current situation has forced us to take a pause along the way, and we can all agree that maybe Mother Earth deserved a necessary break. Today, the planet rests, and purifies, like never before, from the big cities to the most beautiful and paradisiacal corners, such as Tulum, the beautiful jewel of the Mexican Caribbean, home of Pocna Beach Hotel. Visitors from around the world visit us seeking a reconnection with nature, and a true disconnection from their so-called “normal” life.

We all know that nothing will be as before, but this idea should not be perceived as unfavorable, on the contrary! We like to think of it as an opportunity to do things differently, better than before. From now on, as humans, we must demonstrate that we can take care and love our planet more.

At Pocna, we have the idea that an empathetic way of life, self-love, and caring for others is the correct way to achieve happiness. For years we have managed to coexist with the nature that surrounds our beautiful hotel, and we carry out various sustainability, hygiene, and safety practices. Such methods will be improved, even more, to continue offering our visitors a safe and healthy environment. In addition to our standard protocols in which we offer and use biodegradable hygiene and cleaning products, we are working on adding extra measures to guarantee our staff and visitors a calm and safer stay.

These measures will be applied in the rooms, all our common areas, and our beautiful beach, where even the sand is treated to eliminate all kinds of bacteria. Rest assured that all the rooms of our hotel are appropriately separated from each other, guaranteeing privacy and healthy distance. There are also no closed corridors at our facilities.

These are some of the sanitary measures that we will be applying:

At Check-in:
Interior Sanitation and Pickup Truck Seats
Disinfection of guests’ luggage upon arrival
Disinfection of shoes for everyone who arrives at Reception
Temperature measurement to everyone who enters the Reception for the first time
Alcohol-based hand sanitation gel
All reception staff must use mouth covers or acrylic mask at all times
The guests’ registration card will be pre-filled and sanitized pens will be provided for signature
Reception furniture is sanitized continuously with water and disinfecting agents
A QR code will be activated with a link to general Tulum information such as activities and tours, to prevent guests from spending more time at Reception than necessary.

A/C Cleaning and disinfection at each Check-in (with a 5% chlorine solution)
All room textiles and bedding are soap washed, disinfected via industrial processes, and tumble dried
A lime disinfectant solution for feet will be provided at the entrance of the rooms
Gel alcohol dispensers will be available in each room
Cleaning staff will wear nitrile masks and gloves at all times. These items will be disinfected every hour
All rooms are sanitized with cleaning agents

Use of disposable tablecloths and menus
Table seating with a healthy distance
Kitchen staff and waiters will wear masks or face masks and gloves at all times
The sand in the restaurant area is cleaned with disinfecting agents
We will sift the sand every week
Personal temperature measurement and disinfection daily
Epidemiological tests of COVID19 will be applied periodically
Strengthen sanitation processes for all food
Continuous sanitation of bathrooms
The menu will be visible on a blackboard and digitally via QR code