Chef Yusuke Kogure pays respect to his country’s heritage and traditional recipes by carefully picking the best from the vast variety of delicious Mexican seafood and unique local ingredients to craft refined dishes and original recipes, resulting in a true Purist Japanese Cuisine. Yusuke’s cuisine takes his guests to an unparalleled level of pleasure.


Chef Yusuke perfectly understands that the culture in which we grow defines our self vision and that of the world around us. Traditions keep us in touch with our ancestors and allow us a sense of belonging, shaping our identity. This is how Chef Yusuke Kogure has defined a signature cuisine that he has successfully presented in various restaurants around the world and mainly in Mexico, where he has taken advantage of the richness of the seafood variety as well as the many Mexican ingredients to create the most original Japanese style recipes

Yusuke shares his creations at Kogure, the Japanese restaurant at the Hotel Poc Na, on the shores of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, where the lucky guests who get a place (tables are few and quite requested ) enjoy the spectacle of an open kitchen, where Chef Yusuke mesmerizes with his talent through delicious creations and his very particular style.

Traditions motivate society to create and share a collective identity, which in turn serves to shape individual identities. Yusuke Kogure’s culinary style stands out because it has its own personality. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience in Tulum and the Riviera Maya. Book now.

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