Just 20 minutes from Tulum remains the exceptional archaeological site of Muyil. One of the few that forms part of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. It has ample space and a considerable amount of architectural buildings.

The archaeological zone of Muyil is divided into two sections, but only one is open for visitors. This area is in the middle of 38 hectares of jungle, and besides the incredible vestiges like, pyramids, temples, and platforms of this ancient Mayan city, you will be able to admire the rich flora and fauna that thrives here.

The Castle

The first structure of interest within the archaeological zone of Muyil is imposing. It is a magnificent 17 meters high pyramid that has a 5 bodies structure and is the most important building of this site. So, do not hesitate to pose for the camera in front of this majestic pyramid and take several photos to remember your visit. As a curiosity, in the highest part of the pyramid, you can see a temple in which they found several objects made of semiprecious stones and other materials such as snails, which are believed to have been made as an offering.

The Plaza

This structure has a pyramidal shape and consists of ten plinths. It is a clear example of a religious and civic building of the time, it seems taken from the scenery of some historical or fantasy film due to its location on the side within the archaeological zone of Muyil and surrounded by the jungle, which gives an exciting look to it. It is here that ancient Mayan settlers were able to celebrate public events or religious ceremonies.

Structure 7H3

The East vestige dates from 750 years ago and is a temple that has a vaulted ceiling and a shrine in the part of the interior, and it has an aspect that gives it certain mysticism. What stands out most is the carved monoliths and fragments of painted murals, in addition to stucco remains. You will be fascinated by artistic representations that were carved by the ancient Mayans.

Palacio Rosa

Also known as Temple 8. it was built during the Postclassic period when the density of the population of the ancient city of Muyil increased. Murals were found and ceramic craft pieces near this structure and it’s believed that It served as a civic-religious center for the ancient inhabitants. One of the less famous spots of Muyil but, without a doubt worth taking a walk nearby, take pictures and appreciate the beautiful jungle. It will be a memory that you will want to keep with affection.

Boat trip

After the archaeological adventure, take the path that leads you to the boats to make a boat ride through the mangroves of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve.


We recommend you to wear comfortable and light clothing, a hat or cap and a bottle of water to keep hydrated, since it is usually quite hot, as well as your camera to take many photos of your travel.

Visiting Muyil is, without a doubt, one of the Must-do activities in Tulum.