If you are in Tulum and really want to explore the area for places to admire and enjoy, there is this beautiful place located in the State of Yucatan, called Valladolid. It is a truly magical and peaceful city, full of attractions such as colonial buildings and beautiful hotels with the same style of architecture. It is also an excellent point of reference to visit other equally exciting sites such as Chichen Itza, Ek Balam or the beautiful cenotes of the surroundings. What is there to do in Valladolid? Read on for a quick guide of the most iconic spots of this beautiful town.

The main park

Right in the center of the city is the central park of Valladolid, a site full of gardens and imposing trees where you can take a walk and try a delicious and refreshing coconut ice cream sold here. In the center of the park, there is a fountain known as “La Mestiza” that pays homage to Yucatecan women. It is also the place where you can begin to immerse yourself in the local culture and language during the day and feel its vitality and local activity at night. The streets surrounding the central park are often closed late at night, while there are dance and musical shows.


Cathedral of San Gervasio

Located on Calle 39 between 40 and 42, in front of Francisco Canton Park on the south side. This cathedral overlooks the central park and is a beautiful church with detailed architecture.

The cathedral still has daily services, which are open for anyone to visit them. It is beautifully lit at night, and there are often beautiful Mexican weddings.

The colonial cathedral is appreciated for its architectural beauty and dates from 1545. It is built with a surface of carved stone. Its interior is simple and has an area of ​​catacombs with niches dating from the eighteenth century, fully accessible to the public.


City Hall

In front of the central park, the municipal palace is a sixteenth-century building with two floors, and on the second floor, there are oil paintings that narrate passages on the history of Valladolid. The view from the balconies is beautiful because the park and the Cathedral of San Gervasio can be seen here. Undoubtedly, a place worth visiting, where you can relax a bit and appreciate the view, take pictures and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the city of Valladolid.


Church of the Candelaria


In front of this church, there is a beautiful and quiet park in which cultural and community events are held every weekend; Also, if you are here on February 2, you can participate in the party that takes place in the church, live local music, typical Yucatan food, and the best atmosphere. The Spaniards built this church on a Mayan pyramid that was demolished, using some of the stones of the monument to build the church itself.

Take a picture of this iconic symbol of Valladolid is definitely one of the best things to do in Valladolid. Just make sure you see it during the day and at night since the view is entirely different. 

Museum of San Roque

Inside a 16th century house, the museum is modest, but quite exciting, as it exhibits archeological pieces, medicine utensils of the ancient Mayan culture and crafts of a considerable antiquity, without a doubt a place to visit if you are interested in knowing La History of Valladolid and the life of the ancient Mayan culture. Give it a try, we are sure you will not regret it.

Convent of San Bernardino de Siena

It used to be one of the abbeys of the Franciscan Order in 1552, has large hand-painted murals and vast courtyards enclosed by walls and also has a cenote with the name of Sis-Ha, and there is a spacious esplanade in the surrounding area where It is lovely to walk around and contemplate the construction and the gardens.

A visit to Valladolid is excellent to get a glimpse of the real Mexican culture and history. So if you want to give your vacations in Tulum a twist and enrich your visit, it is a tour that you can’t miss.